Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Simple, Scalable, Redundant, Fast and Worry Free

We give you your time back, but unfortunately we cannot replace previously lost hair.

  • HA (High Availability)
  • Auto Failover
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • Fully Managed
  • The ultimate reseller
  • 365 24/7 Procative monitoring and response

The cloud is the future, yours and ours

A dedicated server or VPS is great, but they have one major weakness, and that is a major point of failure. If the hardware has a failure you are looking at an extended downtime, and it will happen. Our cloud servers eliminate that weakness. If there is a hardware issue your cloud server simply comes online on another healthy server with no interruption.

Every Cloud Server is hand crafted, and tailored specifically for your use. This results in a rock-solid, high performance environment, for your specific use. When we say fully managed we mean it. You can stop worrying about downtime or performance problems and focus on your business.

Cloud servers built on the cutting edge

Your managed cloud server comes with a setup that very closely matches our shared hosting servers.
This is a setup that has proven time and again to be extremely fast, stable, and efficient.
You get storage that actually outperforms a standard commercial SSD drive, coupled with Litespeed,
MariaDB (tuned), WHM/cPanel, and multiple types of server level caching. This configuration
guarantees to outperform our competition!

  • Litespeed + LScache
    The ultimate in speed, efficiency, stability, and security. Faster than Nginx and Varnish in both
    http and https, you just cannot go wrong with this combination.

  • Zend Opcode cache
    This greatly improves performance on pages that cannot or should not be cached, especially nice on
    E-commerce sites. Improve PHP performance by 30 to 50%

  • MariaDB (highly tuned)
    Tuning Mysql is an art, and this is one of the top factors why servers have problems. A servers Mysql needs to be
    tuned specifically for the server it runs on. There is no one size fits all, and this is why we hand tune each of our
    managed cloud servers every couple of months.

  • Pure SSD
    Our Cloud storage is powered purely by the fastest and most reliable SSD drives in the industry. Everything is faster
    when powered by SSD, as well as more stable due to eliminating of I/O bottlenecks.

Easily scalable

Your business is growing or experiencing a spike in traffic, that is great! But with that growth comes increased resource use, no problem your Cloud server can scale up and ndown on any resource without the need for a reboot. From a small basic Cloud server to large and complex clusters, we have you covered!

True cloud hosting

Kickassd managed cloud servers are a true cloud solution featuring replication, high availability, and auto failover. What does this mean? On a regular VPS, or a dedicated server if there is a hardware issue that causes the server to go offline than you are facing an extended downtime. Our cloud servers are replicated across different physical servers. If the server that your Cloud server is on has a problem and goes offline then it automatically and immediately comes online on another server. No intervention or changes are needed.

The sky is the limit

We can provide an unending list of possi- bilities due to our cloud servers infrastructure and networking. Need to offload Mysql to its own server, or a Mysql replicating cluster? No problem. Or maybe you would like to move mail to its own server? No problem. Need your own Highly Available DNS cluster? Again, we have you covered!

    Fanatical support and proactive monitoring

    Instantly get in touch with our skilled, and friendly support by phone, Livechat, Slackchat, or ticket. We treat you like family, and your server as if it's one of our own.

    Our staff is highly trained, motivated, and want to make sure that your time at Kickassd truly kicks ass! Average ticket response time is under 30 minutes with full resolution in most cases under 60 minutes. We do not outsource support, and you will never get a generic canned response that points you towards an article that kind of sort of helps you but quite possibly does not.

    Our commitment to customer support is unwavering, and is of the highest priority to us.

Server security

We build your server specifically for your application, and this allows us to offer a higher level of security than other "managed" providers. Advanced firewall, WAF, Mod Security rules, intrusion prevention, monitoring, and malware scanning take your servers security to another level.

Proactive monitoring

We monitor your cloud server and all the services that run on it, with both our internal monitoring systems, and external monitoring. Everything is monitored for status, and performance. If there is a problem we are immediately notified and act on it with no action needed by you.


We include JetBackup backups with every server. These backups backup your entire server and you can restore full accounts or even single files or databases with just 1 click. Daily snapshots are also taken of your server. These allow a complete and instant restore of your server. You have backups for your backups!


North America
In North America we have managed cloud servers available in Chicago.
UK and Europe
In Europe we have managed cloud servers available in Frankfurt, London, and Helsinki.
Need to change datacenters? Not a problem - cloud servers are transferable between datacenters.