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Improve Wordpress Performance With Litespeed LsCache

    Litespeeds LScache for Wordpress outperforms every other Wordpress cache we have tested. Not only does it offer great performance increases but it is quite simple to use, and lucky for you we fully support it!

    Install Litespeeds Wordpress Cache Plugin

    Just like any other plugin, go to Plugins > Add New > Search For "Litespeed Cache" > Install and Activate

    The settings are pretty straight forward and simple compared to many caching plugins. The most important part for most will be the "Do Not Cache" section.

    You don't want to cache pages where information is entered and sent, such as:

    • Login Pages
    • Pages such as shopping carts
    • Pages where you configure items


    Check If Litespeed Wordpress Cache Is Active

    In most browsers you can simply navigate to your site > Right Click and select Inspect Element > Choose Network > F5 to Refresh > Click on Headers > click on the first thing loaded in the menu to load headers. Now in headers if the cache is working properly you will see X-Litespeed-Cache: Hit

    It is a good idea to check this same way on pages / URL where you have caching disabled and make sure it is. Remeber after making changes before testing to purge the cache. Also remeber the cache is never active the first time you visit a page, it is after revisiting or refreshing that the cache becomes active.

    As always if you have any issues or questions don't hesitate to contact our Kickass support!

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