JetBackup Backups

JetBackup Backups

Because data security is valuable to us

  • Continuous Data Protection™ Technology
  • Flexible Data Recovery
  • Provided for free by Kickassd!
  • Site-to-Site Replication
  • Daily Backups with 30 day retention
  • Encrypted Backups (AES 256)

Continuous Data Protection™ Technology

    Like traditional backups, JetBackups' technology starts by taking a full snapshot of your data. But that’s
    where the similarities end. After the initial replica is created, our Server Backup Manager continuously
    monitors changes to your data and saves only those bits of information that have changed. Since we’re not
    constantly running full, performance-killing backups, your system’s I/O operations aren’t taxed in any
    way, keeping those critical resources free to serve your website's needs.

Flexible Data Recovery

    Individual recovery points are easily accessible through the web interface where users can select
    individual files, directories or entire file systems to be restored within minutes. When disaster really
    strikes, a complete server can be recovered using a Bare Metal Restore, keeping downtime and data loss to
    a minimum.

Site-to-Site Replication

    The site-to-site replication feature provides hosting providers with a simple means of replicating backup
    data across SBM servers regardless of their geographic location. Replicated site data along with the SBM
    System Backup can be used to restore an entire server, including its archived data, server configuration, and
    multi-tenant accounts. This means that even in the case of catastrophic hardware failure, we will still be able
    to recover all your data. Just think of it as disaster recovery for your backup system!

Daily backups

    All our hosting plans are setup to automatically backup all your data every day of the week, 365 days a year.
    These backups are retained for 30 continuous days and can be restored by you through cPanel without
    our intervention.

Video Guide

Short video guide on using the free cPanel integrated JetBackup feature at Kickassd Webhosting.