Datacenters, Networks, And Other Tech Stuff

State of the art green datacenters, ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 certified, outside The Patriot Act jurisdiction area. A total of 3Tbps in global connectivity to the internet.

Kickassd Datacenters And Network

We currently use OVH’s Canadian Datacenters for our Webhosting services. They now have main double fiber connections for outstanding redundancy and routing to East Coast USA and Europe is great. Massive connectivity, routing, redundancy, and privacy (outside the Patriot Act jurisdiction area) are just some of the reasons why we have chosen OVH. You can read more details on the OVH site here: OVH Network and OVH Datacenters

Kickassd Hardware


data security







All of our shared hosting servers run current commercial grade Intel Xeon processors, Intel commercial SSD drives [RAID 10], and ECC RAM for both stability and speed. Our dedicated storage servers run regular SATA mechanical disks in RAID 10 configurations. At the time of writing this we are using the Intel Xeon D-1540 CPUs on our shared hosting servers. Our dedicated DNS servers are located in OVHs High Availability Cloud in both Canada and Western Europe. Curious about latency and speeds? Go to OVHs Proof Test  and select BHS Beauharnois.

Kickassd Software

We run a cocktail of cPanel, Docker (coming soon), Litespeed Webserver, R1Soft, and Cloud Linux. This combination of software gives really an amazing Webhosting environment where speed, stability, data security, flexibility, and ease of use are prominent and quite apparent to you the user. Once we are ready to offer Docker containers from within your cPanel account the sky is the limit!

We have also just recently added free SSL for all domains through Let’s Encrypt. This takes literally only a few seconds and you free signed SSL certificates installed on the domains of your choice. The certificates auto renew every 3 months at no charge, no more paying for SSL!