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How To Setup SSH Access

    How Do I Use My Kickassd SSH Access?
    By default all kickassd shared hosting accounts come with SSH access. There are a few steps you need to complete in order to access and use SSH, mainly generating and using keys.

    Things You Will Need
    1.) Putty, Puttygen, And Pageant: download
    2.) 10-15 minutes of your time
    3.) A Kickassd Webhosting Account!

    In this guide we will be creating the keys in cPanel and importing them to Putty / Pageant. If you already have a keypair that you would like to use, you can of course import them via cPanel.

    Login to your Kickassd cPanel account and navigate to Security > SSH Access > Generate A New Key. Feel free to name it how you like and make sure to record the generated password as you will need it. Go ahead and generate the keys and head back to the main SSH page, you will now see your private and public keys listed. Make sure to Authorize your Public Key (Manage Button). Now go to View/Download the Private key. At the bottom you will see an option to convert the key for putty use. Enter the password and convert the key and download it.

    Now open Pageant > Add Key > select the key you just downloaded and enter password > close. Now you can go ahead and open Putty and add the login information:

    Hostname / IP: This will be in the Welcome E-mail we sent you.
    Port: 1022
    Name: Use your cpanel login username to enter SSH.

    Once you connect you will be prompted for your username and after that it should finish connecting automatically. You are now ready to use SSH as you need! Of course if you run into any problems or have questions don't hesitate to open a ticket and we will happily help you out.

    For Linux Users

    in cPanel navigate to "SSH Access"  than hit the "Manage SSH Keys" button. Now generate a new key and fill in the fields. For name it is good to rename it to something other than "id_rsa", for example kickassd_rsa. Once done "Generate Key" and navigate back to main SSH page.

    You will now see your key listed under the Public keys section, now we need to authorize it, so go ahead and do that. Now go ahead and download the key to your computer and move it into the .ssh directory.

    Permissions may not be correct so type chmod yourkey_rsa 400 while in the .ssh directory. Now we need to add that key to your system so type ssh-add yourkey_rsa and enter the password you set on the key creation.

    Now you are all set and you can connect with SSH by typing ssh -p 1022



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