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Kickassd Email Settings And Ports

    Kickassd supports IMAP, POP3, and of course SMTP. Connections can be made VIA TLS, SSL, STARTTLS, or plain (though of course unencrypted is not reccomended) TLS is recommended.

    Kickassd E-mail Ports

    SMTP: Ports 25 / 26 / 587

    SMTP SSL/TLS: Port 465

    IMAP: Port 143
    IMAP SSL/TLS: Port 993

    POP3: Port 110
    POP3 SSL/TLS: Port 995

    When connecting with encryption use regular password not encrypted password as it is not supported and it is not needed. If you are connecting with SSL/TLS than the information is already encrypted.

    Note: Additional information can be seen in your e-mail accounts page within cPanel. On any e-mail address click on "Configure Mail Client".

    Encryption On Standard Ports

    It is possible to connect on standard non-ssl ports with encryption if preferred. Standard ports being 25, 26, 587, 143, and 110. In your E-mail client choose STARTTLS as encryption type, this is basically a "connection upgrade". It starts as a plain unencrypted connection and becomes encrypted.

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