LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server

Because Performance Matters!

  • Highly Efficient
  • Rock Solid Stability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Best In Industry Caching
  • High Performance
  • Very Lightweight

World Class Performance And Stability

    Litespeed Web Server is a highly efficient and extremely stable alternative to Apache. Testing shows that Litespeed is up to
    4506% faster than Apache, and 86% faster than Nginx.

    To put it simply Litespeed can handle more visitors, with much greater speed, and use way less resources doing it.

    That would be considered a win, win, win!

    Static File Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (6x*) | PHP Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (1.5x*) | Perl Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (2x*) | CGI Performance: Apache (1x), LiteSpeed (2x*)

    * Based on benchmarks performed by LiteSpeed Technologies.

Enhanced Server Security

    Litespeed works hand in hand with Mod Security, and here at Kickassd we maintain an awesome custom set of Mod Security rules
    to silently mitigate thousands of attacks against your website/s. A ton of built in Ant-DDOS features help auto mitigate many
    common DDOS attacks against websites. The Litespeed team prides itself on staying up to date on the Internets latest exploits and
    security risks, and addressing those with lightning fast security updates.

    It is little wonder why we have chosen to use the worlds Fastest Web Server on all of our SSD Web Hosting plans, and strongly encourage
    its use on our Managed Cloud Servers!

Full HTTP/2 Support

    LiteSpeed is the first web server to support the HTTP/2 standard. HTTP/2 is the Second Major Revision of the HTTP Network
    Protocol created by The Working Group and based on Google’s SPDY network protocol, HTTP/2 is the first major improvement to
    the HTTP standard in almost 20 years. As of May 2015, HTTP/2 has been published as RFC 7540.

    One of the primary goals when creating HTTP/2 was to maintain high compatibility with HTTP/1.1. As such the HTTP semantics have
    not been changed ensuring backwards-compatibility. Browsers will also automatically switch from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2 if both they
    and the server support it. This switch is both instant and invisible to the user.

Best In Industry Caching

    Litespeed has invested heavily in the development of caching technology, and the results are undeniable. From Wordpress caching, to
    Magento, to Xenforo, to just about any type of site or forum you can shake a stick at. Litespeed offers caching that greatly surpasses
    even Nginx, and Varnish in the ability to handle load, speed, and stability.

    Litespeeds Caching is hands down the King Of The Mountain, and we are happy to offer you the chance to take advantage of that same
    technology on all of our servers.

    In addition to LScache we also have Zend Opcode Cache available globally on all our servers. Litespeed developers have developed Litespeed
    to work especially well with Zend Opcode Cache. This offers an average of 30% to 40% increase in PHP performance!


    Apache 1.3/2.0 LiteSpeed 2.1
    PHP/Ruby LSAPI No Built-in
    Ruby on Rails Integration No Yes
    Memory Footprint Large (process/threads) Small (event-driven)
    Scalability Poor (~1000 concurrent clients) Excellent (20,000+ concurrent clients, SMP Linear)
    Administration Commandline Web GUI
    Configuration Format text XML
    Upgrades Manual Auto+Manual
    Product Support 3rd Party 24/7 Support
    High Performance Proxy Add-on Built-in
    Static Load Balancer 3rd Party Built-in
    LDAP 3rd Party Built-in
    Anti-DDoS 3rd Party Built-in
    Connection Throttle 3rd Party Built-in
    Bandwidth Throttle 3rd Party Built-in